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What is an anal enema

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Introducing warm water to the rectum through use of an enema can also help to physically relax the anal muscles, wilde says this make penetration easier and more pleasurable when the time comes. An enema is the introduction of liquid, most often mineral oil, through the anus and into the large intestine. An enema may be given to treat constipation, to administer medication or barium, or as part of the procedure to empty the contents of the bowel before a test (such as a colonoscopyenemas may also sometimes be given before surgery on the abdomen or during a pregnant womans.). An enema is a procedure that involves emptying the bowels with liquid or gas. To use an anal douche or enema stand in the shower so the contents of the douche and your rectum have a place to land. You can also do it over the toilet if youre fooling around on the.   enema administration is a technique used to stimulate stool evacuation. It is a liquid treatment most commonly used to help relieve severe constipation. If youre feeling constipated, giving yourself an enema can be a quick way to relieve your symptoms. Some people also prefer to use them for standard enema cleanses. However in saying all this, when related to equipment the word douchedouche bag can also be used to describe a larger bag. This is more commonly called an enema bag and refers to a larger enema kit that comes with a bag, tube, clamp and enema nozzle tips. You may need an enema if you deal with frequent constipation or to treat bowel conditions, help detoxify, or prep for bowel surgery. If youve talked with your doctor and decided that an enema would help you, you can. Typically, this process takes two enemas, but everybody is different! Sinclair explains.

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